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Director General

How can we know if we are able to do even more than what we
are doing? And how can we know if we give just a little more
effort whether we will be more enlightened, broadened, successful?
We have all had that moment of self-discovery: “ I can’t believe I
actually accomplished that. I had no idea this would be the final
result - even after all of that work. I don’t know why I didn’t think
of doing that before.” It represents the raw, real surprise as we
watch ourselves achieve.
It’s a chance we take – each of us seeking to be all that we
can be. It can mean frustration or even disappointment. It can
mean strange unexpected changes. It is a path with unknown
destinations, and yet interesting stops along the way.
The American Nicaraguan School is a great example of what it can
do to be all that it can be. Our buildings, our teachers, our sports
tournaments – they all represent our “new best results.” They say
this is what we are. Look how far we have come! Look at us now.
Yet buildings and events can always be better, how about each of
us? Can everyone say: “I am doing all that I can to be all that I am!”
Or “Tomorrow I am going to see what else I can do to expand my
horizons even more!” Or “I am learning, and this experience has
helped me understand something I never understood before.”
It’s just plain risky, the business of being all that you can be. But it is
the fullest life that you can have. And it is the way of thinking, that
powerful “Mindset” that enables us to keep on reaching, and to
keep on striving. We are fine tuning until it becomes a life art.
The biggest secret about it all is this: Being all that you can be
always spills out unchecked to the other persons around you. It’s
our great gift to each other. May all of us at ANS, now and in
the future, strive to be all that we can be, taking the chance to
achieve and influence others around us. Beware, as it can be highly
contagious, and recovery is not predicted!]]>